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Where Secrets Lie

Where Secrets Lie - Donna Marie Lanheady Review first published on my blog: http://memoriesfrombooks.blogspot.com/2011/11/where-secrets-lie.html

Where Secrets Lie is the story of a family, the secrets they keep from each other, and the effects those secrets have on their relationships. There is Lee, who hides the reality of her feelings from her husband and her daughters. There is Sara, who keeps a part of her past from her husband to the point of lying to him. There is Katie, who hides a part of who she is from her mother for fear of losing her.

Many secrets stem from fear, especially the fear of losing those they love. The authors draws a gripping picture of the family, the relationships, and the secrets. The book delves into the stress and sadness of keeping those secrets. The individuals suffer as do their relationships with each other. Through the book to its end, the story describes the freedom that comes when they decide to trust and reveal their true selves and their emotions to those they love.

The quote above summarizes the book. The characters choose to reveal the secrets when their fear of what would happen if they don't outweighs the fear of what would happen if they do. When their trust in their relationships outweighs their fear of loss.

Real characters, a very real situation presented in a very real, readable book.

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