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Memories - Deanna Lynn Sletten Review first published on my blog: http://memoriesfrombooks.blogspot.com/2012/04/memories.html

Memories is a love story - love found, lost, and rediscovered. It is the story of Michael and Dani. The book starts at the end of Dani and Michael's story - at Michael's funeral. Dani is reflecting on their lives. They met. They loved. They lost each other. They reconnected.

The book then goes back to the middle of Dani and Michael's story - to the the time that they rediscover each other. At that time, Dani is a woman living with a devastating memory. She found love once in her life and then lost it. The memory of that love impacts her entire life, present and future. Michael is that love and the one responsible for Dani's sad memories. He is the Vietnam veteran whose memories of war haunt and torment him. When they first met, Dani was the one person who could calm his torment. They found each other once, only to be driven apart by circumstances. For each, the memories of the other remained. As they meet again, the question is if both can reframe the memories of the past and find each other again even though difficult circumstances threaten to drive them apart again.

The story of this book is not an unusual one. The way it's told, however, adds movement and depth to the book. It goes from the middle out in both directions - into the past to see their memories of their relationship and into the future as they rebuild their relationship. It is interesting to see how the memories of their past influence their assumptions, actions, and understanding as they rebuild their relationship.

A well told story.