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Calling Invisible Women: A Novel

Calling Invisible Women - Jeanne Ray Review first published on my blog: http://memoriesfrombooks.blogspot.com/2012/06/calling-invisible-women.html

The premise of Calling Invisible Women calls to women "of a certain age" who sometimes feel invisible in their lives as they hear only of what doesn't get done and get no acknowledgement for what they do or who they are. A metaphor and experience many of us can relate to.

Clover wakes up one day truly and actually invisible. The book starts off following the premise in that no one in her family notices and tells the story of Clover's reactions. What happens next in the book is surprising. The story becomes one of self discovery and change as Clover leaves behind her perceptions and "sees" herself in a whole new light. Her relationships shift. New friendships emerge. Her confidence and and belief in herself grows. All as she learns to deal with being invisible.

Thrown into the mix is the reason behind why women are turning invisible and the actions they take to draw attention to their disability. A bit of social commentary on the pharmaceutical industry and the development of prescription drugs.

The book is a fun read. Some of the situations are a little over the top, but they add to the humor of the book. At the same time, through humor, the book touches on a serious topic and a positive message. Visible or invisible, life is truly about how we see ourselves not in how others see us.

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