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Food and the City

Food and the City: New York's Professional Chefs, Restaurateurs, Line Cooks, Street Vendors, and Purveyors Talk About What They Do and Why They Do It - Ina Yalof

Food and the City by Ina Yalof is like Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York minus the photographs and with a focus on people who are part of NYC's food culture. For those familiar with New York City, see if your favorite places are represented or find some new ones to try. For those unable to get there, here is a look at some wonderful people who call New York home and a unique way for the armchair traveler to wind their way through the city.


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Reviewed for the Penguin First to Read Program


Source: http://www.memoriesfrombooks.com/2016/04/food-and-city.html